Separate each of those piles into small and large piles. You will then have a pile of small nuts, large nuts, small bolts, large bolts, small screws and large screws making up six total piles. Place each pile into a small plastic tub. Create labels for each plastic tub by using either a … Organizing screws and nails (or anything else for that matter!) can be rather frustrating, and I really wanted to get rid of my old plastic cases that were rather impractical and cumbersome. Want a handy storage roost for all the little screws , earplugs, nuts and washers in your shop ? Pick up a package of Glad 4-oz. cups, hereic strip, several 7/16-in. washers and a tube of E6000 glue ($4 at craft and hobby stores ).

This is a hereanizing nails, screws, nuts, and bolts. It is hereanize your nails, screws , nuts and bolts. Keeping them separated and easy to use will make it easier to find what you need when doing a project. Nov 05, 2010 I keep all my screws in one of these: I keep this full of all different kinds of GRK's. when the lid is on, you can not mix up the screws , they heree out of their box. I keep my nails, brads, pins, staple etc. in my trim systainer with the guns and a ton of other things. _____ Showing you how to use them to store nails, screws , etc. Chez Larsson . Use Plastic Divider Trays for Small Loose Items. You can find these plastic divider trays for cheap at most home improvement stores. hi sugarplum. Old PVC Pipe Is The Perfect Way to Store Shovels, Rakes, Hoes, ETC.

Keeping the many types and sizes of screws can be near impossible without a good way to organize them. Here’s a easy way to keep your screws organized and within reach. Trim-head screws are slender screws with very small heads. Originally they were designed to attach wood trim to walls built with steel studs. But now you can go to the fasteners department in any home center or full-service hardware store and find trim-head screws in several colors, long lengths, corrosion-resistant finishes or stainless steel, which make them perfect replacements for nails in … Step 3. Wind the thread around the shaft of the screw in a clockwise direction and dab a few drops of thread locking adhesive to the sewing thread to hold it in place. Cut off the excess thread and install the screw in place according to the manufacturer's specifications (do not over tighten).