Mil-spec bolts may be used in a number of applications in a wide range of industries. Military - spec bolts are available with either coarse or fine threads, and are made from a … Stainless Steel Fasteners Shop Our Store Mil - Spec Fasteners Electronic Hardware Tamper-Proof Security Screws Medical Device Fasteners Medical Device Fasteners Medical Device Fasteners - Metric Custom Made Fasteners Services Engineering Prototyping Warehousing Services Fastener Tech Data / Charts About Us Contact Us Fasteners -Educational Blog Mil - Spec Fasteners is an herepliant Distributor of Fully Traceable MS Military Fasteners , AN Military Fasteners , NAS Military Fasteners herepliant Fasteners

ANSI Hardware Design Guide and Charts . Hardware Supplier Manufacturers . Strength Specifications for Bolts ASTM A490 series bolts are equivalent to ASTM A325 bolts in application and geometry; . Aircraft - Mil Spec Fasteners Crescent Manufacturing has the ability to meet many AN, MS and NAS specifications in the manufacturing of our fasteners . Our manufacturing staff as well as Quality is trained to handle the extra testing and documentation that these parts require. Military Fasteners brings a new platform to the industry that offers thousands of stocked military and aerospace standards hardware for instant purchasing and quoting. Call 1 . Most of our aircraft hardware can be identified by its specification number or trade name. Threaded fasteners and rivets are usually identified by AN (Air Force-

General Reference Tools Charts . Fastener Installation Force (lbs) Fastener Installation Force (kN) . Mil Specs / NAS Reference. NAS Atlas Brand Fasteners ; MIL Cross Reference PEM Brand Fasteners ; MIL SPEC SPECIFICATION CROSS REFERENCE 596 To order, call us toll-free: 877-814-2376, or 905-405-9355 (local calls). Documents in the book are for REFERENCE ONLY, not intended for design. Not guaranteed for accuracy. 36509 EPOXY FOR FAN CASE LAMINATION 10-P1-3/EC-107 This chart is a guide to help determine how much a solid rivet should be squeezed. This is general information and may vary greatly depending upon the application. The “Shop Head” size should generally fall within this table.