Corrosion Resistant Fasteners . As the leading manufacturer of specialty metal fasteners , United Titanium carries an experienced-driven inventory to ensure the availability of parts right when you need them. Manufactured with precision and durability, our fasteners are available in a wide variety of metals, styles, sizes and finishes. Unique for its strength, lightness of weight and corrosion resistance. Titanium fasteners flanges are also unique among metals in the chemical processing industry for handling chlorine (wet) herepounds in aqueous solutions. Titanium fasteners flanges are fully resistant to solutions of chlorides, hypochlorites, chlorates,. TITANIUM FASTENERS . Titanium fasteners are essential in reducing the weight off an assembly. Typically, weight savings in using titanium fasteners is almost half and they are just about as strong as steel, depending on the grade. Fasteners can be found in standard sizes, as well as many custom sizes to fit all applications. Grade 2 Titanium.

At United Titanium , we have the experience and expertise to manufacture a variety of fasteners and fittings for the medical and dental industry. Petroleum Chemical Processing To store and refine harsh chemicals, the petroleum and chemical processing industry relies … Titanium is very process sensitive and it is important to use correct fabrication and machining procedures to yield proper grain structure. ( FAQ / Tech. Section). Mettec fasteners and axles are made in the U.S.A. using forged heads and rolled threads. Allied Titanium manufactures affordable titanium parts, titanium fasteners , titanium marine products, and titanium autoparts at inexpensive prices.

Titanium fasteners Titanium Nuts Bolts Supplier: Grades 2, 7, 9, 12 titanium stud bolts, screws, nuts more. Fast delivery competitive pricing! . Titanium Fasteners in Grades 2, 7, 9 12. PM delivers many types of titanium fasteners in Titanium Grades 2, 7, 9 and 12. Fasteners include: Titanium Bolts; Corrosion Resistant Titanium Nuts, Bolts, Washers Fasteners . The strive for perfection when engineering is crucial. A carefully executed plan demands the right parts and here, we offer high-performance solutions with our Titanium bolt kits and Ti64 accessories. Due to their weight and flexibility, titanium fasteners and other parts are widely applied in the petroleum and engineering industries. If heremitted to producing pipes, water management systems, or other deep-water units, this metal is an ideal choice.

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