Sep 06, 2009 I am in the process of mounting lights on my GL3240. I noticed there is a bolt hole with welded on nut on the front of the rops near the hinge (on both sides) were the ROPS fold down. Shop Conduit Hanger, Bolt and Nut, Zinc Plated Steel, Size 1 by Minerallac (1B) at Graybar , your trusted resource for Hangers and Accessories and other Minerallac products. Shop Conduit Hanger With Bolt and Nut , Zinc Plated Steel, Size 5, For 2 in. Rigid or EMT Conduit by Bridgeport Fittings (2150) at Graybar , your trusted resource for Hangers and Accessories and other Bridgeport Fittings products.

‘Note that the separate wrench on the small vise is hexagonal and fitted onto a hexagonal nut for tightening the vice.’ ‘For this reason, heremend using a torque wrench to tighten lug nuts when changing a wheel.’ Aug 19, 2013 I've been trying to change the truts on my wife's Honda element. The lower bolt is giving me hell. The strut is the type with a eye on the bottom with a rubber bushing and metal sleeve inside of the eye. May 17, 2014 I have a John Deere the same size and weight and uses the same size tires. My lug bolt torque is 140 lb/ft. I do not think I had a car that had a lug bolt torque that low.

Redline Accessories and Parts - RG05-100. Replace the spindle nut and retaining washer on your EZ-Lube axle with 1 spindle with 14 threads per inch pitch. Marlin’s New XL7 Bolt Action Rifle . by Jeff Quinn. photography by Jeff Quinn. January 1st, 2008 Shooters and hunters in the US are very fortunate to have a huge selection from which to choose herees to choosing a good, accurate bolt action rifle. Hey guys and gals I am new to this board and starting to do some research before i start shopping around for a 1st gen Camaro. My question today is as follows: With exeption of the obvious, the number of bolts on the cover, what are the differences in a 10 bolt and a 12 bolt .

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