Titanium is much lighter and stiffer than the steel bolts that are normally found on bicycles. 12 x Disc Brake Rotor. Color: Titanium . Material: Titanium alloy. Titanium Fasteners . Titanium Fasteners . Titanium Bolts . Metric Bolts . Button Head Bolts . M4 Button Head Bolts Corrosion Resistant Titanium Nuts, Bolts , Washers Fasteners The strive for perfection when engineering is crucial. A carefully executed plan demands the right parts and here, we offer high-performance solutions with our Titanium bolt kits and Ti64 accessories.

Unique for its strength, lightness of weight and corrosion resistance. Titanium bolts are also an excellent material to prevent seawater corrosion. Because titanium bolts can resists corrosion by seawater up to temperatures as high as 500F (260C) as well as survive at ocean depths over a … Smith Titanium specializes in titanium bolts and hardware for the racing industry. We offer bolts for sprint cars, midgets, modifieds, dirt late models, Indy and drag cars, micro sprints, and trucks. Product Features High Quality Lightweight M5x10mm Titanium T25 Bolts for MTB Brake Disc Rotors.

Allied Titanium manufactures affordable titanium parts, titanium fasteners , titanium marine products, and titanium autoparts at inexpensive prices. At United Titanium , we have the experience and expertise to manufacture a variety of fasteners and fittings for the medical and dental industry. Thus, you can buy titanium bolts , screws, flanges, fasteners, and other parts which are proven to be durable. Game Changer in the Industry: Red Titanium herepany is the only manufacturer on the market that has enough technical capabilities to produce red titanium bolts.